Tottenham, a vibrant district in North London, is home to a variety of healthcare facilities that cater to a wide range of medical needs. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, understanding the top hospitals and their associated costs can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 hospitals in Tottenham and an overview of their expenses.

1. North Middlesex University Hospital

North Middlesex University Hospital is a major NHS trust providing comprehensive healthcare services. Known for its emergency care, maternity services, and specialized clinics, it’s a cornerstone of Tottenham's medical landscape.

  • Consultation Fee: £150 - £250
  • MRI Scan: £400 - £600
  • Inpatient Stay: £500 - £1,200 per day

2. St Ann's Hospital

St Ann's Hospital offers mental health services, community health services, and specialist care. It's part of the Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust.

  • Consultation Fee: £100 - £200
  • Therapy Session: £50 - £120 per hour
  • Inpatient Stay: £400 - £900 per day

3. Tottenham Hale Medical Practice

This GP practice provides primary care services, including general consultations, vaccinations, and health screenings.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Health Screening: £100 - £300
  • Vaccinations: £20 - £80 per dose

4. Broadwater Farm Health Centre

Located in the Broadwater Farm area, this health centre offers a variety of GP services, minor surgery, and chronic disease management.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Minor Surgery: £150 - £500
  • Chronic Disease Management: £100 - £300 per visit

5. West Green Surgery

West Green Surgery is a well-regarded GP practice providing comprehensive primary care services including family planning and antenatal care.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Antenatal Care: £200 - £500
  • Family Planning: £50 - £200 per visit

6. Bruce Grove Primary Health Care Centre

Offering a range of primary care services, Bruce Grove Primary Health Care Centre is known for its patient-centered approach and community health initiatives.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Health Check: £80 - £250
  • Immunizations: £20 - £70 per dose

7. Tottenham Health Centre

This facility provides extensive GP services, chronic disease management, and specialist referrals. It's a vital part of Tottenham's healthcare system.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Specialist Referral: £100 - £300
  • Chronic Disease Management: £100 - £300 per visit

8. Lordship Lane Health Centre

A multipurpose health centre offering GP services, dental care, and various specialist clinics, Lordship Lane is a key healthcare provider in Tottenham.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Dental Care: £50 - £300 per treatment
  • Specialist Clinics: £100 - £300 per visit

9. Laurel Medical Practice

Laurel Medical Practice is known for its comprehensive primary care services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and women's health services.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Health Screening: £100 - £300
  • Vaccinations: £20 - £80 per dose

10. Tynemouth Medical Practice

Tynemouth Medical Practice offers a wide range of services from general consultations to chronic disease management and minor surgical procedures.

  • Consultation Fee: £50 - £100
  • Minor Surgery: £150 - £500
  • Chronic Disease Management: £100 - £300 per visit

Understanding Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs in Tottenham, like the rest of the UK, can vary significantly based on the type of service and the specific provider. NHS services are often free at the point of use for residents, but there can be additional costs for private consultations, certain treatments, and services not covered by the NHS.

When planning for healthcare expenses, it’s important to:

  1. Check NHS Coverage: Understand what is covered under the NHS to avoid unnecessary private expenses.
  2. Compare Prices: Different facilities may have varying charges for similar services.
  3. Insurance: If you have private health insurance, ensure your provider covers the hospitals and services you plan to use.
  4. Budget for Emergencies: Unexpected health issues can arise, so having a budget for medical emergencies is prudent.


Tottenham boasts a robust array of healthcare facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. By familiarizing yourself with the top hospitals and their associated costs, you can make better healthcare choices for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you’re seeking routine check-ups or specialized care, Tottenham’s medical community is well-equipped to provide quality services.

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