The government deposited another installment of Rs.500

The government has extended the lockdown to save people from the Corona epidemic. Poor families are facing the biggest problem due to lockdown. The government will then put Rs 500 per month in the Jandhan account of poor women to help such people. This assistance will be provided for 3 consecutive months. Now the government has started sending another installment of Rs 500 to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries under Mahila Jandhan Yojana.

It is important that this game is available only to women Jandhan account holders. But it is also feared that with the money being transferred to people’s accounts, the rush of people to withdraw rupee at bank branches may increase. That is why the bank has found a way to withdraw rupee in phases.

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SBI has prepared a timetable. Based on which the beneficiary will be able to withdraw this amount from his account.

The government has appealed to account holders to withdraw money by card at their nearest ATM. So as to avoid congestion in banks. In the meantime, rupee can be withdrawn from any ATM without any charge. Recently, the government issued guidelines on it

While it is very important to take precautions in view of Corona virus infection, it is important for banks to adhere to social distinctions. Banks have announced a timetable based on the account numbers of the account holders. Based on which the beneficiary will be able to withdraw money from his account. Banks have taken this timetable and said that this arrangement will be applicable only for this month.
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