Whatsapp new feature Payment Future has come in WhatsApp which was discussed for a long time and we have been waiting for a very long time. Now we can transfer our money from whatsapp to our friends and relatives with this whatsapp payment option.

 Whatsapp New Feture Send Money to Friends

A new feature Payment future has been added to each friends' whatsapp. Friends who see payments in whatsapp will go to their whatsapp play store and update, so they will see the payment option.

Messaging platform WhatsApp has finally got a nod from the National Payments Corporation on India (NPCI) to release the WhatsApp payments feature in India, which means that WhatsApp users will now be able to make UPI transfers from one account to another using the app.

How to send Money Via Whatsapp Payment.

Now with the help of WhatsApp, how to use money to your friends is explained step by step here. First you have to link whatsapp you have your bank account. Your whatsapp should be turned on from the mobile number.

In the payment option you will have to add your mobile number and the mobile number you will add means select your bank, after selecting in the bank your registered mobile number will go to an otp and by entering that otp your bank account will take your whatsapp number then you UPI PIN will have to be created. You can make upi pin four digits.

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3 Ways to send money via Whatsapp Payment

There are three ways you can transfer money from whatsapp payment. The first way is that you have a direct payment option and you can write the amount of money and transfer the money to the person. The second way is that you can also send money from his UPI ID.

You can transfer money by entering the UP ID of those friends in whatsapp and the third way is that you can also send money by scanning the QR code. Here are three ways you can transfer money.
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