Rule change: Helmet law will be changed once again in Gujarat, only special brand helmets will be considered valid, new guidelines of Central Government: Helmet edict will be tainted formerly another time in Gujarat, individual extraordinary name helmets will be measured valid, new guidelines of mid Government : From June, drivers will experience to alteration their helmets once upon a time again, if not they will encompass to recompense a fine.

[Gujarat] Helmet law Related new guidelines of Central Government 2020.

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Post Date :- 13/12/2020

A new helmet commandment will be enacted in Gujarat, according to which it will not be promising to coerce a vehicle sporting the similar helmet from after that June, the ship area of the axis has planned to dress no more than a individual nature of helmet. In view of this, drivers will enjoy to variation their helmets time was again, if not they will give birth to to recompense a fine,

Made about new convention to preclude toll road accidents

The agency of toll road transfer and Highways has freshly completed key and large changes in the regulations for riding bikes in view of the greater than ever come to of street accidents in the country. The regime has drafted roughly new convention to keep dirt bike riders from highway accidents. The office of side road delight and Highways has ready guidelines in this regard. regulations comprise too been haggard up for bikers as precisely as particular fill meeting in the back. The convention allow been amended to deduce into financial credit protection measures. If this is not followed, the currency will be cut.

The new rule of helmet will be implemented from 01-06-2021. 

The new law of helmet will come in four major cities of the state, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat. The new law will come into force on 01-06-2021. For this, the Office of the Commissioner of Transport has directed the Director General of Police and the Commissioner of Police of the four cities to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. A copy of SO 4252 dated 26-11-2020 has been sent, according to which the order provides for helmet standard mark IS 4151: 2015 for two-wheeler drivers. This order has to be implemented from 01-06-2021. Helmets without IS 4151 will not be considered valid from this date.
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