[Latest News] Now Digital Voter id Card Download 2021

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 The Election Commission is going to digitize election cards soon. Simply put, in the near future, Warts will be able to keep the Water ID card in a digital format just like the Aadhaar card. However, the current card will continue to be used. Existing cardholders will get the benefit of this facility only after doing KYC through the Water Helpline app. The purpose of the Election Commission is to make the facility of Electors Photo Identity Card easily available to the voters.

[Latest News] Now Digital Voter id Card Download 2021 

This facility will prove to be beneficial for the voters

Following the Election Commission’s decision, voters will also be able to download their election cards from the internet. Not only this, but they will also be able to exercise their voting right through digital cards. In addition, voters will also be relieved of the hassle of delaying the election card.

Overseas voters will also get the facility of digital card

Overseas voters registered in the record will also get the benefit of a digital water card facility after this decision of the Election Commission. However, Indians currently living abroad are not allowed to vote. The Election Commission has sent a proposal to the Central Government. Overseas Indians are also not given election cards. After this decision, overseas voters will also be able to download EPIC, i.e. digital water card. If a person wants to shift from one place to another, KYC will be able to modify and download the new water card.

You will be able to vote through the QR code given in the card

In fact, the digital form of the water card will have two QR codes, in the same code, the voters will be able to vote through the water card downloaded from the internet based on the information. A code will contain information such as voter’s name, father’s name, age, gender, including a photo. While the second code provides information other than the voter’s address, list number. The Election Commission is all set to provide this facility to voters for the first time in the country in next year’s Assembly elections in five states after it is sealed.