Educational work in the state has been suspended for 8 months following the Koro epidemic. Online educational work is currently underway. Before Diwali, the state government had decided to start schools from November 23, but there was outrage among parents against the government's decision.

STD 1 TO 9 Exam Related Latest News Updates 2020.

Although the government wanted to start schools at the expense of the health of the students, the state government was forced to postpone the decision to start schools after the Diwali festivities. Given Corona's situation, there is no certainty as to when schools will resume. Even if the schools do not start by December, there is a possibility that mass promotion will be given to the students of Std. While one can take the annual examination of only three main subjects in standard 9 and 11 by adopting another formula.

Corona Virus In Latest News Updates 2020

While standard 10 and standard 12 examinations will be held. Due to Corona, the standard 10 and 12 board exams are scheduled to be held in May, while the online board of secondary education examination forms are likely to be filled in January, under normal circumstances the forms are to be filled in November.

Even if the schools reopen, they will get less than 100 days

case of final exams of the year, the government sources said that the government already has a 'no-detention' policy, the government can opt for mass promotion Is free to take the exam online. We will give test papers to the students of government schools, the answers of which they will have to write from home, ”the chief minister said.

School Board Online Form News 

The online form can be filled up four months before the board exam and then the board can do other work properly. The work will start in January and even after the completion of this work by the end of February, the board will have two months to prepare so that the board can take the exam properly in May.
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