Hello friends, the government has announced a scholarship scheme for the students of Std-9 who want to study. This scheme is called NMMS. The scheme in which you fill up the form of this scheme can be filled by the students of Std-9 Ever the students of this Std-8 are given an examination and it is in the merit number of that examination that the scholarships decided by the government every year are declared in their account. Today within this post is the NMMS examination by the government. If all the information related to the exam is put on the youtube channel by the government, then why not post it today.

[Exam] Gujarat Vertual NMMS Online Exam 2021.

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Post Date :- 16/01/2021

The Government of Gujarat has implemented a program in the state through which you can watch standard videos every day. Similarly, to prepare online for MS exams, the Government of Gujarat has launched a daily video on NMS exams on a channel called Glass from 3:00 am to 4:00 pm. In the meantime, if a live study is done, a poster is written about it..

Gujarat NMMS Online Exam

In the same way that the attack program has been implemented by the Gujarat government for the examination related to NMMS, the teachers of Gujarat government for the examination of NMMS have to ask about  in the students who are studying in standard eight and the video is ready. Curry and placed on youtube channel then standard wise standard 8 students study this video and then Saturday exam is also taken



National Merit Cum Means Scholarship (NMMS) 2021 

Registration for NMMS exam for the current year has started from 18/11/2020 on SEB's website. But compared to last year, the registration of NMMS students has been much less in the current situation. In this examination in the current academic year in Std-9 in government primary schools, district panchayat in local body schools. Students studying in Municipal / Municipal School) and Granted Primary Schools can appear for the NMMS.
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