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UDISE નંબર જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

satisfied life is also called a successful life. The lives of great men are not considered successful or honorable because they have achieved a lot, but because they are considered successful and honorable, that they have learned to balance and be satisfied with what they have achieved.

Satisfaction does not mean becoming inactive, but results without expectation. Satisfaction does not make a person's life passive but only makes him patient. Our priority should always be to remain motionless without giving full expectation, giving our best and without expecting the result. Because the lower our expectations for the result, the higher our graph of satisfaction.

At the peak of satisfaction, it is also free to live. Whoever has come to be satisfied, understand that he has also come to be free.

Examples given from work are more effective than speech. The preaching of Kora is also of no use unless it is performed.

One of the problems of the present time is that today's generation believes less in doing and more in saying. If something is said and not done, then it is like those clouds in the desert, which are definitely rainy, but no one can be useful. As soon as it rains, its drops fall into the sand.

One thing is common in every successful man and that he has given examples not only by speech but also by his actions. He did more of what he said or insisted on doing instead of saying.

Our greatest resolutions of effort also become like building a huge sand palace. We must have a strong foundation stone of determination but also pillars of effort, on which the construction of a successful skyscraper can be possible.
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