Acharya Chanakya says that "Poverty by working hard, sin by doing righteousness and wearing silence will never cause discord."Hard work - just as ten or twenty pits of ten feet each, digging at different places, water cannot be obtained.  But if a pit of 70 - 80 feet is dug in one place, water is definitely available.  In the same way, it is not enough to work hard

[Best] Planning for the "Twinning of School" program Babat letter.

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The path to the door of greatness passes only through humanity.  Service to humanity is the greatest religion and worship.  Mankind has to abandon the path to be abandoned.Apparently: Any thing in the world is the way we want to see them.



The world competitions have become such that in which one man says that there is night after day, another man denies the first thing that no - no, it is not night after day but day after night.  is.  The truth is that both are absolutely right in their place.  Just a little understanding.

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In order to understand this a little, a man dissolves his precious life energy in a wrong direction.  If you see the Himalayas in the golden sun in the morning, because you are telling you to be golden, then the other will look like silver due to the night's light in the moonlight.

Planning for the "Twinning of School" program

religion is looked at in terms of totality, philanthropy, charitableness, service of the living, good deeds, best deeds, Sad texts or shelter of satsang are all forms of religion.  When these divine qualities are brought down in life by a person, then the patterns of his sin automatically begin to be destroyed.

Silence - As long as there is silence between two people or one of the two parties in the family or society, there is no possibility of any dispute.

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