Ahmedabad, the price of petrol has reached an all-time high of Rs 84.57.Meanwhile, if we talk about petrol-diesel prices in India's neighboring country, the cheapest diesel is sold in Sri Lanka.

[Latest] Fastag will be mandatory in all vehicles 2021 

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we talk about the price in Sri Lanka, the price of 1 liter of petrol in Sri Lanka was 161 Sri Lankan rupees.Which is 0.83 in dollars and 60.49 in Indian rupees. Which is less than in India.  If we talk about diesel in Sri Lanka, the price of diesel there was 104 Sri Lankan rupees which is 0.536 in dollars.



What Is Fast Tag?

It is a sticker or a tag usually pasted on the windscreen of the car. The device uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to communicate with scanner installed at toll plazas. Once the car crosses the toll plaza the requisite toll amount is automatically deducted from a bank account or a prepaid walled linked to the FASTag. Vehicles can drive through plazas without stopping. If the tag is linked to a prepaid account like a wallet, or a debit/credit card, then owners need to recharge/top up the tag. If it is linked to a savings account, then the money will get deducted automatically after the balance goes below a pre-defined threshold. Once a vehicle crosses the toll, the owner gets an SMS alert on the deduction. The alert is like money getting debited from accounts or wallets.

Latest News FAST Tag News 2021

NHAI sells bank-neutral FASTags issued by the IHMCL online which are not linked to any bank and the user is free to choose his mode of payment to be linked to the FASTag account. This type of FASTag is currently the most popular. There are around 20 million FASTag users. There are an estimated 50 million vehicles in India. The number of FASTag users has grown 400 per cent in a year. In December last year it was not even one crore.

Which highways accept FASTag?

All the 615-odd toll plazas of NHAI and in addition 100 toll plazas of state highways have adopted FASTags for toll collection. The number will increase gradually.

How to operate FASTag account, like recharge, top up etc?

The IHMCL has My FASTag mobile app (Adndroid and iOS) which can be linked to the FASTag. Every FASTag has a unique number. Banks have their own web-based mechanisms. It is like operating any other prepaid e-wallet

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