Let us introduce you to the walls of the house, who likes fine and colorless walls? No one likes it. The colors of the walls interact with each other in the language of their colors, only then it is said that the walls will speak. To give new life to the walls, you can use colored paper, painting paper, painting on them. Wood can also be given a beautiful image through the wood. Hand painting is also done to give attractive appearance to the walls, the walls can be made attractive by using pictures made on paper. The walls talk with colors. 

[School] Gujarat School Re-open Notice Poster 2021.

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The walls of the house speak of its attractive form, the atmosphere of the house also automatically becomes enchanting. Along with the walls, colorful flowers, trees. The flowers also make the entire atmosphere fragrant and enchanting with the walls with its own sweet smell. The walls also cherish our memories,

School Poster 2021

the areas of the three walls are furnished in different forms, here the place of the wall is covered with glazed glass, a curtained curtain is placed over it, so that the balance of the sun shade remains evenly. The picture has been chosen according to the color of the middle wall. The light emanating from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling is giving a beautiful shimmer to the wall and the picture on it. Look at the texture of the wall that accompanies it, light dark stone blocks made of equal size are decorated back and forth unevenly, the light falling on them further furnishing the wall.

Seeing the rich colors and artefacts, you will feel a joyous vibe and a slight warmth. We are sure that there will be some inspiration from this wall. The tiles on the wall remind us of the patchwork. Light tiles in every tiles And the dark colors have been harmonized very beautifully. The tiles in colorful patchwork manner seem to have consistency in their colors and artifacts as if all the tiles in the wall are beating on the drum in the same rhythm. Look at the colorful ceramic tiles on the wall, Every color is speaking its tongue. In fact, walls are speaking. 
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