11.85 lakh of all these silkworms will be tested. All the schools we have supported are based on the census to be conducted in September 2019, and Kaya has also included about 7 lakh single primary schools on the basis of results.

Dang District Circular regarding taking hours in schools during Saturday-Sunday and festive holidays

Post Name :- Dang District Circular regarding taking hours

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Post Date :- 06/03/2021

The data is currently being collected through the tools of the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), Shagun Project Monitoring System (PMS) and Performing Grading Dex (PI), so that quality and structural assessments in the school can be conducted through field visits.

 The response from the Central Officer-in-Charge of the aspiring districts shows that many schools are not visited at all. The frequency is too low. Therefore, the school has undertaken the exercise of enumerating school disaster population to cover every school to ensure adequacy of infrastructure facilities, teachers, students, school with the participation of Ram Na community.

The results of the school census will be based on the Monitor Cut Indicators by UDO ESE, PG I and Shagun. Karan or N.S., S. Will be taken in the next round of school based assessments. Have faith in responding and responding to specific needs and initiating appropriate policy interventions.

Guidelines for the program have been published on April 25, 2019. Recognition of Good Performance: National Awards to Teachers These awards were established in 1958. Since the mid-1960s, former President of India Dr. September 5th became the fixed date of celebration in view of the birthday of Sarvapalli Radha Kushanan.


Over the years, the number of awards has increased to 378 awards. But it felt like the awards were losing their dignity. The scheme's guidelines were revised to reflect the changes made to major national awards in 2018. The new scheme is transparent, fair and the awards clearly demonstrate the appearance of excellence. 148
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