Honable Prime Minister Shree Narendrabhai Modi sir address students on Pariksha pe charcha.

PM Modi's address to the nation amid rising cases of Corona

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The interaction every youngster is waiting for is back. Pariksha Pe Charcha with Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming soon!

Leave your stress and nervousness behind and get ready to set those butterflies in your stomach free! On popular demand, this time, the Prime Minister’s massively popular interaction will not only have students but also parents and teachers.

You too can get a chance to interact with the most inspiring Prime Minister ever, ask him for tips, seek advice... you could even pose questions you always wanted answers for!

So, how do you (a student, parent or teacher) get a chance to participate in the 4th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha?

Pariksha Pe Charcha ixs part of the larger movement - ‘Exam Warriors’ - led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to create a stress-free atmosphere for youngsters. It is a movement that is driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to bring together students, parents, teachers and the society to foster an environment where the unique individuality of each child is celebrated, encouraged and allowed to express itself fully. Inspiring this movement is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pathbreaking, bestselling book 'Exam Warriors'.

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