Today I am giving this last post about hurricanes.The article is long but needs to be read comfortably.  A small attempt has been made to give a complete picture of the hurricane.I will give the details of what happened to us today in order.  Many curious friends would love to know.



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Everyone knew in advance that the hurricane was about to come.  So most of the things on the roof were taken down, other preparations were made, but the hurricane turned out to be more terrible than everyone expected

it was decided that we were on our way to the storm!  The strongest part of it was coming right down to us.  Now there was no possibility of his path splitting.  I was constantly studying satellite data on the computer.  The hurricane was becoming more and more severe and it was understood that the speed of the storm would be more than 200 kilometers when it hit the shore.  Seeing the direction it was coming, it was certain that it would collide with Div.  From there we were only 35 kilometers away in its straight line and the cyclone had a range of 40 km.  So he had to get the most out of it.  The news said that it would come at ten o'clock at night but I was sure that it would hit the shore before that.  It was also written in my Facebook update.

he afternoon the clouds rose.  Darkness spread like evening, but the wind seemed to slow down.  It didn't stop at all, it just seemed to slow down a bit.  It is also a pre-hurricane feature.

Yet it was just the beginning ..!

The real horrible form started appearing from eleven o'clock at night .. There was a stormy sound that could not be heard even inside the room.  .!

The time from midnight to two o'clock can never be forgotten in life!
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