The Gujarat state government has recently launched its official website for online land records and maps. This is maintained and updated by the Revenue department and is associated with the National informatics Centre. The main objective of this website is to check the online land and map details and the process of checking this is known as ROR @ Anywhere.  This unique service gives the services related to the land. Under this section one can view the Land Map, Plot Map, Jameen Naksha, Bhu Naksha, Map of Gujarat according to Taluka Wise and the with PDF Form, also the Village Revenue Map with Survey Number Gujarat, Jamin Mapni Gujarati.

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Gujarat, one of India's most prosperous states lying in Western India is mainstream not just for being the origin of Mahatma Gandhi, yet additionally the site of the antiquated Indus Valley Civilization.The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar, with Ahmedabad as its biggest city. The number of inhabitants in Gujarat is 60,383,628 (2011 statistics) and the state covers a region of 1, 96,024 sq km and offers its outskirt with the conditions of Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra . The state has an education pace of 79.31 percent.

Gujarat taluka wise pdf 2021

Gujarat is the seventh biggest state in India as far as zone. The 196,024 sq kms of region in the state is isolated into 26 locale at present. The territory of Gujarat had 17 regions when it was shaped in the year 1960, yet now there are 33 Districts. All the northern locale of the Bombay, which was a state in its own till at that point, were a piece of Gujarat after 1960. 

Gujarat Districts Facts 

→The greatest region in the State of Gujarat as far as region is Kutch District which has Bhuj as its city central station. The region covers 45,652 sq kms of the absolute region in the state and the populace thickness in the region is that of 33. 
→Gandhinagar is the littlest region as far as territory in Gujarat. The complete region secured by the area is simply 649 sq kms. This additional to the nearness of Gandhinagar, the state capital after which the locale is named makes it, the region with most populace thickness. Absolute populace in the region is 1,387,478. 
→The most populated of the considerable number of locale in the state is the Ahmedabad District which additionally is the eighth most crowded area in India. The area imparts its fringes to Mehsana in the North, Surendranagar in the West, Kheda in the East and Bhavnagar in the South. 
→Darn area is the least populated locale in the state. Around 226,769 individuals live in the locale according to the evaluation 2011.The region stretches out to 1764 sq km in territory. 
→Valsad locale is situated toward the Southern most finish of the territory of Gujarat and it has covers a zone of around 3034 sq km in the province of Gujarat. The Valsad locale imparts its outskirt to Navsari District toward the North. 
→Navsari locale is situated in a territory of 2211 sq km. 
→Jamnagar locale situated on the Southern Coast of the province of Gujarat covers a territory of around 14125 sq km 
→The locale guide of Gujarat will show you the every one of the areas delineated plainly in dim dabbed lines and all the region central command are set apart in dark circles.

Gujarat All District All Taluka Map Pdf

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Village Land Map by Survey Number

If any person is looking for Gujarat Village Land Map With Survey Number then in that case the person is suggested to visit their concerned Taluk Office or Tehsil Office. Else you can make a call to the revenue dept helpline number for further details.
Gujarat Bhulekh Helpline Numbers.


અમદાબાદ જિલ્લાના ગામડાં ના નકશા... 
  1. Anandpura
  2. Dadhana
  3. Dalod
  4. Dhedhasana
  5. Endla
  6. Hansalpur Becharaji
  7. Jalisana
  8. Kachrol
  9. Kadvasan
  10. Kanpura (Sinaj)
  11. Karsanpura
  12. Kunpur
  13. Mandal
  14. Manpura
  15. Mithapur
  16. Nana Ubhada
  17. Navagam
  18. Nayakpur
  19. Odaki
  20. Rakhiyana
  21. Ribdi
  22. Sadra
  23. Sher
  24. Sinaj
  25. Sitapur
  26. Solgam
  27. Trent
  28. Ughroj
  29. Ughrojpura
  30. Ukardi
  31. Vanpardi
  32. Varmor
  33. Vasna Kunpur
  34. Vinchhan
  35. Vinzuvada
  36. Vithlapur
  37. Zanzarava
  38. Abasna
  39. Aghar (Ashoknagar)
  40. Amarpura
  41. Balsasan
  42. Bamroli
  43. Bantai
  44. Bhagapura
  45. Bhankoda
  46. Bhatariya
  47. Bhonyni
  48. Bhonynipura
  49. Boska
  50. Chhaniyar
  51. Dabhsar
  52. Damodaripura
  53. Dangarva
  54. Dekavada
  55. Detroj
  56. Fatepura
  57. Gamanpura
  58. Ghatisana
  59. Ghelda
  60. Gunjala
  61. Hathipura
  62. Indrapura
  63. Jaspura
  64. Jethipura
  65. Kantrodi
  66. Kanz
  67. Kointiya
  68. Kukvav
  69. Madrisana
  70. Marusana
  71. Mota Karanpura
  72. Moti Rantai
  73. Nadishala
  74. Nana Karanpura
  75. Nani Rantai
  76. Nathpura
  77. Odhav
  78. Odhav paru
  79. Panar
  80. Rajpura
  81. Rampura
  82. Ratanpura
  83. Rudatal
  84. Sadatpura
  85. Sangpara
  86. Shihor
  87. Shobhasan
  88. Sujpura
  89. Sunvala
  90. Telavi
  91. Umedpura
  92. Vasna (Chhaniyar)
  93. Asalgam
  94. Bhadana
  95. Bhavda
  96. Bhojva
  97. Chanothiya
  98. Chuninapura
  99. Dalsana
  100. Dediyasan
  101. Devpura
  102. Dhakdi
  103. Dumana
  104. Ghoda
  105. Goraiya
  106. Hansalpur Sereshvar
  107. Jakhwada
  108. Jaksi
  109. Jalampura
  110. Jetapur
  111. Juna Padar
  112. Kadipur
  113. Kaliyana
  114. Kalyanpur (Shiyal)
  115. Kamijla
  116. Kankaravadi
  117. Kanpura (Dalsana)
  118. Karangadh
  119. Kariyana
  120. Karkathal
  121. Kayla
  122. Khengariya
  123. Khudad
  124. Kokata
  125. Kumarkhan
  126. Limbad
  127. Liya
  128. Melaj
  129. Memadpura
  130. Moti Kishol
  131. Moti Kumad
  132. Nadiyana
  133. Nani Kishol
  134. Nani Kumad
  135. Nilki
  136. Ogan
  137. Rahemalpur
  138. Rangpur
  139. Rupavati
  140. Sachana
  141. Sarsavdi
  142. Shahpur
  143. Shivpura
  144. Sokali
  145. Thori Mubarak
  146. Thori Thambha
  147. Thori Vadgas
  148. Thuleta
  149. Ukhlod
  150. Vadgas
  151. Valana
  152. Vani
  153. Vansva
  154. Vanthal
  155. Vasan
  156. Vasveliya
  157. Vekariya
  158. Viramgam
  159. Viramgam (Rural)
  160. Zezra
  161. Anadej
  162. Aniyali
  163. Bakrana
  164. Bhavanpur
  165. Bol
  166. Changodar
  167. Charal
  168. Chekhla
  169. Chharodi
  170. Daduka
  171. Daran
  172. Dodar
  173. Fangdi
  174. Garodiya
  175. Godhavi
  176. Goraj
  177. Govinda
  178. Hirapur
  179. Iyava
  180. Juda
  181. Juwal
  182. Kalana
  183. Kaneti
  184. Khicha
  185. Khoda
  186. Khoraj
  187. Kodaliya
  188. Kolat
  189. Kundal
  190. Kunvar
  191. Lekhamba
  192. Lodariyal
  193. Makhiyav
  194. Manipur
  195. Mankol
  196. Matoda
  197. Melasana
  198. Modasar
  199. Moraiya
  200. Moti Devti

For further information or details, one can call or connect with the concerned office or Helpline numbers. For any other issues related to Land map/ revenue map, online Gujarat kindly checks the given information below:

Office Address – Revenue Department, Block no-11, New Sachivalay, Gandhinagar Gujarat (India)
Phone Number – +91 79 23251501 +91 79 23251507

Ahmedabad District Map through detailed satellite image New. 

Browse the list of Ahmedabad All Taluka wise New Map And Taluka List. You can also Download This Map in PDF or Images Format. Printable and A4 Sige Map | useful for All Primary / secondary schools and Colleges - students

Ahmedabad Tehsil new Map 2020 PDF | detailed satellite image
 Ahmedabad  All Taluka list - Maps of India from | you can Find tehsil map of Ahmedabad City and location of all the taluka in Ahmedabad District in Gujarat
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