You are all well aware that the new academic session will start from June 06, 2018.  The study of this Gyansetu literature will be done by the state government during the first month of this new academic session.  The pre-re-syllabus of the standard in which the students have been admitted from 1st June, 2081 in the form of bridge course as well as the understanding / repetition / rehearsal of the standard learning outcome to understand the syllabus of the current year's standard.

Std 1 To 10 Bridge Courses Paripatra Gyansetu Programme 2021

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Softcopy of the literature will also be posted on the website of the entire education office.  This will be done through teams in collaboration with GCERT and Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  

Bridge Course

Bridge courses in English and Maths for newly admitted students are conducted every year before the commencement of our Orientation week and first semester classes. The main objective of the courses is to bridge the gap between these subjects studied at school level (some of which they may have forgotten over the years) and the basic level courses at the University level.

Bridge Course in English / Communication

For English, apart from basic knowledge of reading and speaking, students also need to be able to listen to, understand and write academic assignments in grammatically correct and coherent language. Since the medium of teaching at the University is English, this becomes all the more pertinent and we do not want them to miss out on any learning because of language lags. After all, every deserving student has a right to learn irrespective of the language they speak and understand and it is our responsibility to make sure they come up to speed so that their learning is not hampered in any way.

Once the incoming students’ admission is confirmed, they are expected to take a General Skills Assessment in English (this can be done remotely) so we can gauge the level they are at. If they score less in the test, they go through the bridge course which is a set of exercises in grammar and comprehension over the next 6-8 weeks. While the course is delivered asynchronously via our LMS, we have a team of support staff for query resolution.

Apart from the series of exercises, the students also go through a reading test which gauges their current level of reading mastery. Based on that, they can choose a book from a list of prescribed books, read it over the Summer and submit a review of the same when they join.

A lot of the post millennial students even the ones who have studied in English medium schools are not used to reading newspapers, articles, books etc. Some of them have never read a non-academic book so far. The bridge course also helps in getting them started with reading (based on their level).

બ્રિજકોર્સ – કલાસ રેડીનેશઃ જ્ઞાનસેતુ Paripatra

Another important piece in all this is academic writing. While students can write and communicate well, they sometimes find it difficult to assimilate their thoughts and put them on paper formally. The bridge course also takes them towards this goal slowly.

Std 1 To 10 Bridge Courses - ClassReadyNess Gyansetu Programme Babat Paripatra
Std 1 To 10 Bridge Courses - ClassReadyNess Gyansetu Programme Babat Paripatra Published Now.Read More Information Below Given Paripatra.Read Paripatra Page 1 Click Here
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