Ration card or ration stamp is a card issued by a government. It makes it easier for the cardholder to receive food or other items that may be available in small quantities during war or any other emergency when rationing has been applied.  

It has been implemented on both sides even after the end of the war, when Mashrabian's efforts have gradually returned to normal.  The ration stamp is also brought to the dealer to keep the necessary food grains at any time.  

What is this Silent Ration Card ?

Post Name :- What is this Silent Ration Card ?

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Post Date :- 23/07/2021

Ration card holders under the National Food Security Act are periodically provided with food items, including foodgrains, by the state government. There are a total of 71 lakh ration card holders in the state. However, for the last 6 months or more than 12 months, the ration card holders who have not received the amount of rations due to them, their cards have been converted to silent ration cards in the online PDS system. This means that these cards have been blocked.

How are ration cards placed in 'Silent' category?

Silent ration card holders will not be able to distribute adequate rations online or offline at present. Ration card holders blocked from the system will have to contact the concerned office / zonal office to get the grain. E-KYC will have to be made mandatory for the Aadhaar seeding process of all the members of this type of 'Silent Ration Card'. Ration card can be activated only after verification.

What is the process for reactivating a silent card?

Even after applying, after applying from Mamlatdar office / zonal office, verification of card holder, names of all members included in ration card, survival, Aadhar card number, bank account number, mobile number and other necessary evidence should be recommended online by the concerned Mamlatdar to the District Supply Officer. With the approval of the District Supply Officer, the amount due during the month will be distributed to the ration card holder.

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More than 8000 cards in Silent category in Gandhinagar

It is to be noted that under National Food Security Act-2013, 8027 ration cards of Gandhinagar district have been placed in Silent category by Tantra. This means that such ration card holders are currently blocked by adequate mechanisms. Ration card holders who have not received rations in any form for the last six months or a year have been placed in this category. Those who have to contact the Mamlatdar or Zonal Office by August 31 to reactivate the ration card.

How many ration card holders in which taluka?

In Kalol Tulak, 1669 ration card holders who did not take ration for six months and 339 ration card holders who did not take ration for twelve months have been blocked. Similarly in Gandhinagar 1416 and 333, in Dahegam 1540 and 498, in Gandhinagar zonal 356 and 45 together a total of 8027 ration card holders have been placed in silent category, in which 6432 ration card holders have not taken ration for 6 months and 1595 card holders for one year.

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