The epidemic of corona in Madhya Pradesh is less than in Gujarat, the government has decided to close the Std. 1 to 8 curriculum till March, but the parents and students are in trouble as the Gujarat government cannot take any definite decision in this regard. As the situation of Corona in Gujarat is becoming serious, there is a demand that a decision should be taken about schooling as soon as possible. Parents say that the reason for the government's delay in taking a decision on Std. No.


While the education department is in a dilemma regarding the issue of starting schools and examinations in Gujarat, the Madhya Pradesh government has issued an order to close Std. 1 to 8 schools till March. In view of this, the parents of Gujarat have also demanded that the state education department should take a decision with immediate effect in the interest of the students of Std. 1 to 8, whether the schools will start this year or not, the examination will be held or not? While regarding secondary and higher secondary i.e. Std, 9th to 12th schools, a definite decision should be announced instead of confusing parents and students.

Corona cases are on the rise in Gujarat due to the festival crowd.It is not appropriate to open schools at such a time and the state government has postponed the decision to start schools due to lack of advice from doctors.

The Madhya Pradesh government has taken this decision.

The Shivraj Singh government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to keep the Std. 1 to 8 classes completely closed till March 31. Online education will continue in the state, but offline education will be discontinued. The new academic session for students up to standard 8 will start from April 1, however, the decision to open schools from April 1 will also be taken according to the then status of Covid. Earlier, the Kejriwal government in Delhi had also decided not to start schools till March. In Madhya Pradesh, Std. Annual examination of students up to 8 will also not be taken, but promotion will be given on the basis of unit test-project work. Std. 10 and STD. Classes of 12 will start soon, while Std. 9 and std. Classes 11 can be called one or two days a week.


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