If you can be of some help even after death, what can be better than this. After death, if your heart beats in some chest, then what can be a bigger thing than this. After your death your eyes look at this beautiful world again, what can be more beautiful than this. All this is possible, but only when you come forward for such a noble and commendable work, after which the world will remember you. The world will salute this very great work of yours, donate your own organs and inspire others to donate. There cannot be a great donation like organ donation. 

"અંગદાન મહાદાન"..એ વિષય પર લોકજાગૃતિ અંતર્ગત એક પ્રતિજ્ઞપત્રક આવશે એ ભરીને submit કરીને લોકજાગૃતિના આ ભગીરથ કાર્યમાં સહભાગી બનીએ


which is the path of organ donation. I have obstacles. Millions of people keep waiting on the bed of death that who will come as God and give them a new life by donating the organ as a gift. Work is being done in this direction, but at a very slow pace. There is a need to increase it further, so on World Organ Donation Day, let us and you take an oath that by donating organs, give life to others.

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By donating an organ you can give new life to someone, you can bring smile again on someone's face. You can show this world to someone again. By donating an organ, you can again fill someone's life with new hope. Organ donation not only gives happiness to you but also to others.
misconceptions about organ donation.

World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on 13th August to understand the importance of organ donation in a person's life as well as to encourage common man to donate organs. The utility of celebrating this day is increasing due to non-availability of organs. Organ donation does not give salvation, the soul roams even after death, organ donation is not done in Hinduism, I am short, I am thin, some similar illusions are still spread in our society, 

People are afraid of organ donation due to lack of awareness

Even today due to lack of awareness, there are fears and misconceptions in the minds of people about organ donation. The purpose of celebrating World Organ Donation Day is to encourage organ donation after the death of a person. In organ donation organ donor's organs such as heart, liver, kidney, intestine, lungs etc. are donated to be transplanted to the needy person after his death. 

By which a person can get a new life. Organ donor can be anyone whose organ can be donated to a very needy patient. To be transplanted in the patient, the organ given by the common man is properly preserved so that it can be used on time.

5 lakh people are waiting for organ transplant

In India itself, about 5 lakh people are waiting for organ transplant every year. There is a huge gap between the number of organ transplants and the number of times they are available. Organ donation is a process in which an organ donor donates an organ to a recipient. The donor can be living or dead. The organs that can be donated are kidneys, lungs, heart, eyes, liver, pancreas, cornea, small intestine, skin and bone tissue, heart valves and nerves. Organ donation is a priceless gift of life. Organ donation is done to those people whose diseases are in late stage and who need organ transplant.

Only 0.08 donors donate their organs for every million in India

According to a research, every year at least five lakh people die due to non-availability of organs due to loss of organ of a person at any point of time, of which two lakh persons are due to liver disease and 50 thousand. People die of heart disease. Apart from this, about 1.5 lakh people are waiting for kidney transplant but only five thousand people get kidney transplant. Despite the huge need for organ donation, only 0.08 donors donate their organs in every million in India. This is the reason that even though sick people need organ transplant, they die and don't get the organ. Millions of people keep waiting for someone's donated organ in their place when any part of their body gets damaged. Such persons still want to live, But if any part of his body gets blocked, his life is in danger. They become depressed due to non-functioning of any part of the body, their life breaths are counted, organ transplantation can play a big role in increasing their chances of living the life in danger.

More awareness abroad about organ donation

At the same time, 30 donors out of 10 lakhs in America, UK, Germany and 40 donors in every 10 lakhs in Singapore, Spain donate organs. In this regard, India is far behind compared to many countries of the world. Small countries like Spain, Croatia, Italy and Austria are far ahead of India in terms of size and population. Experts say that neglect at the government level in India is a major reason for this. Awareness is also very low. This is the reason why a large number of patients in India die while waiting for organ transplants. In India, the situation is very bad in the northern and northeastern states, while South India seems to be aware of organ donation. Especially Tamil Nadu where the number of organ donors per million people is 136.

An organ donor can save more than 8 lives.

The organ donor plays the role of a god in the life of a transplanted person. An organ donor can save more than 8 lives by donating his or her organs. In this way, Organ Donation Day gives a great opportunity to inspire to save many lives from one life, in the life of each one to move ahead and take a pledge to donate their precious organs. If you have any confusion regarding organ donation then this article is definitely for you. We are telling you what is organ donation and how it gives life to a person. You too can give life to people by joining it.

how to donate

There can be two ways to donate organs. Organ donation work is done in many NGOs and hospitals. By going to any of these, you can fill out a form and give which of your organs you want to donate after death. Only that part of the part you want will be taken. The person donating any part of the body should be physically healthy.

What is the process of organ donation?

After confirmation of brain death of a person, the doctor removes the organ from the body at the will of his family members. Before this all the legal procedures are completed. This process has to be completed within a stipulated time. Over time, the organs start to deteriorate. The process of removing the organ usually takes half a day.

How long can you donate organs

Any organ should be transplanted within 6 to 12 hours after removal from the donor's body. The sooner an organ is transplanted, the more likely that organ is to function. The liver should be transplanted within 6 hours and the kidney within 12 hours after the liver is removed. At the same time, the eyes should be transplanted within 3 days.

India's legal position on organ donation

Organ donations are legal by Indian law. The Government of India enacted the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 1994, which allows organ donation, and legalizes the concept of 'brain death'.

Somebody can get a new life from a part given by someone. Man in the world is nothing better than birth, man is considered the representative of God in the world, he is the embodiment of mercy, compassion and religion and is the best creature on this earth, because he is the one who struggles for life and death. I have the power to give new life to the struggling person by donating his organs. It is better to give life to someone than to burn or bury the remains after death. That's why the kindness of organ donation is such a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. The organ you donate gives someone else a chance to live another life. That someone could be your close relative, a friend, someone you loved, or you could be yourself. That is why every person should take a pledge to donate organs, only then there is a significance and usefulness of celebrating World Organ Donation Day.
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