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You are a lawyer, a doctor, a C.A.  Etc. visiting card may have been seen from time to time.  Ever seen a "teacher's" visiting card?  We are not in a hurry, remember calmly by emphasizing the brain, ever seen?

Teacher- Samaj is sitting at the top of the column.  His own identity is not dependent on a piece of paper.  A teacher's identity is his knowledge, his behavior, his devotion.

Ever noticed the difference between a common man and a teacher?  The name of the social animal that is satisfied even if it is stupid compared to being cunning is "teacher".  The word Pantuji is used for teacher.  Be proud that the word "bribe", "corrupt" or "worker" is not used for a teacher.  A school is a physical facility built in a certain place.  The true school is in the teacher.

If there is a school, there is no teacher,

If there is a teacher, there is a school!

What is a teacher?

Go and see the people who have not had a teacher in their life.  What are the consequences if there is no teacher?  If you want to see it, travel to villages where there has been no school or teacher for many years.

Philosopher's Stone means Philosopher's Stone can never make itself gold but it can make another piece of iron golden.


Let's talk about another hidden quality of a teacher.?

According to the government rule, he has to register the caste of all the children in the register.  Look at the greatness of this businessman, sir, he only notes it in the register, never in his mind or in his mind.  All children are the same for this.  Whether he is a child of the rich or of the poor, he is only a "student."  If the teachers had ever discriminated in such a way, a poor child could never have become a Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Some millionaires donate 50% or even 75% of their wealth.  The next day, he is praised in the press.  A true teacher has only the wealth of knowledge and he throws that wealth 100% on his students.

Now tell me, is there any greater philanthropist than this who robs 100% of his wealth?

Accepted life as it was, no denial.  Lived life to the fullest.  Hardly anyone else has been a pundit, sage, singer, musician, warrior, yogi, king, friend, lover, son like him.

   Look at the humility of Lord Krishna, where Dwarikadhish is seated and on the other side Sudama is sitting at the feet of a Brahmin.  Defeating big warriors, leaving the field when needed and fleeing.

No matter what the situation, smile.  Learn from the life of Lord Krishna how life travels from sorrow and melancholy to the festival.  The sermon given by him on the battlefield in Kurukshetra is guiding the whole world today.
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