It was the scorching summer of 2018.  At that time my 'posting' was in a taluka branch of a bank on the banks of Sabarmati river.  The scorching heat of May and the perfect afternoon.  So there was a general rush of customers in the branch.  Fans hanging on the ceiling were falsely trying to breathe the heat like the poor fighting against inflation.  While the branch staff was busy with their day-to-day work, I also took care of the workload.

Moghavari Relatad Latest News 2023

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Post Date :- 01/05/2022

7th Pay Commission: Diwali and Dussehra are going to be great for central employees this time.  This is because a large amount of DA, DR is to be credited to the account.  According to a report, the increase in DA, DR will be valid from July 1 and will be paid before Dussehra (October 15).

 How much will the monthly salary increase?

 In such a situation, it is also being assessed how much the monthly salary of central employees will increase after the increase in inflation allowance.  Media reports claim that the monthly salary of employees will increase from Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000.  Naturally, how much the monthly salary will increase after DA's reinstatement will depend on the salary scale of the employees.

When will DA, DR

 According to a report, the increase in DA, DR will be valid from July 1 and will be paid before Dussehra (October 15).  Which will also include two months of arrears.  If this happens, a large amount will come into the hands of central employees before the festival

7th Pay Commission: Earlier than expected, Central Government employees were given D.A.

Matter of declaring house rent, medical allowance and other ancillary allowances (benefits) as per 7th pay commission

Congratulations on behalf of all the teachers for making the first Gujarat State in the country get the benefit of 7th Pay Commission to all the employees of the state with effect from 1/1/2016. In addition, according to the 7th pay commission, ancillary allowances, house rent, medical allowance and other allowances have not been declared even though 5 years have passed since 2016. If there is a feeling of the entire employees of the state that the allowances should be announced under the 7th pay commission, then the request of all the employees that their hopes be fulfilled quickly is co ...

Employees working in Navodaya Vidyalaya will get a rise in medical allowance along side expensive allowance. 

Good news for the workers working in Navodaya Vidyalaya


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Pagar Bandhani PARIPATRA 20/05/2023

Moghavari Kotho Download { L.D. Charola Sir}

Excel Sheet 42% Moghavari {Manan Sir}

 "To inform the Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union to the above subject research that for the approval of UPD in Kal Lokalkund, 8 service books are being accepted once in Manina of each taluka, to the teachers recruited from 19 to 2010 and fixed salary till date. If the benefit of seniority is given to the teachers in a row by the government, in addition to 1 lakh of the Rajapaksa, the teachers have to be sent to Gandhinagar to get the U.P.Dho from the service book and considering that a service book has to be revised two to three times, the work of checking 2 lakh service books is considered red. If only 6 service books are taken from each taluka every month, then teachers will not be able to get this benefit for years.

So our humble request to you is that most of the establishments in the state belong to primary teachers. Therefore, instead of just Gandhinagar for salary fixation for primary teachers, make arrangements to be approved by the LE office of that district so that your primary teachers can get the benefit of UPD in time which is requested to be reduced.

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