The meaning of Upasana is: where one has to sit on someone and think about these things in someone's house, think about these things, meditate on these things.  These are the fundamental questions of life where they should be pierced like an arrow!

Navratri Special Nonstop Garba Geeta Rabari's "Tal" launched

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What is so-called worship?  Went to the temple, rang the bell quickly, slammed the head in front of the stone idol, ran!  How many times have you done this, what happened?  Worshiping stones became stones.  Naturally, those whom we worship will become like that.

This is because the rites of all people's previous lives are not the same.  Everyone's desires are not the same.  Everyone's level of intelligence, ie IQ level is not the same, etc. Due to reasons, there is a difference in everyone's thoughts.  There is a difference in everyone's interest.  Everyone's actions also vary.  Still we have to deal with each other.

Goddess Durga is worshiped during those days by an authentic way of grooving to Navratri songs. One cannot resist the energy that runs through their veins when Garba songs start playing. Even on a normal day, these energetic songs can make anyone feel restless.

1. Tara vina shyam
‘Tara vina shyam’ is the most famous Gujarati Garba song and is always played the highest during Navratri. Hemant Chauhan takes this song to another level with his finest voice.

2. Dholida dhol dheemo
One of the iconic songs from former times, this song has a separate fan base. Even if someone doesn’t want to dance, they would shake a leg on this song.

3. Odhani odhu
A typical Gujarati song which has made many remakes over these years.

4. Kesariyo Rang
A very sweet and melodious tune to this song makes you want to dance with your loved ones during dandiya and garba celebrations. Falguni Pathak brings this song to light with her alluring voice.

5. Indhana vinvaa gai thi more saiyan 
Another beautiful song sung by Falguni Pathak, Indhana vinvaa is very popular and groovy. Whether it is garba or dandiya, the song suits both forms of celebration.

6. Udi Udi Jai
Although not a typical Gujarati song, udi udi jai has taken over even the existing Gujarati songs. It is an original song from the movie ‘Raees’ and definitely a good addition to the Navaratri songs playlist.


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