How cleverly the government also used ... forgot about 4200 grade pay. The teachers got only reassurance from both the unions ... friends, now our issue of grade pay will also be stuck like the case of that fixed salary.  The whole movement was in full swing, but cleverly overlooked the issue.The time has come for everyone.



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The government has come to know about the madness.  The majority he got after the fixed salary case has made him realize that even if five threats make him pay me, we will come to power.Honorable Chairman Mr. Shri,National Federation of Education,

The teachers are of the view that there is no need to submit the application now as the National Federation of Education has announced to issue a circular to the Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitin Bhai when he meets him.  Therefore, we are now ready to join the movement with the social discrimination of 200 teachers from four districts every day under your care with the approval from the 21st.

Teacher friends who have been waiting a long time for 4200 grade pay

The movement is demanding early and more demonstrations

Even if his feelings are reasonable, it is not possible
1) DR Patel Patel (Secretary) has been coming out of Corona's mother since the 23rd.
2) The subject has to be conveyed by the collector before any major movement
3) The Minister has to be visited even after the subject has been reached by the Collector
4) Even after not getting a solid answer, there is a big movement
First of all we have visited the request and the request has been accepted
This movement is only for issuing circulars
Friends who can't stand the progress of some organization provoke our friends and pass such a message. Tell them what you did for 4200  complete movement  we are doing and we will finish
President Primary Education Federation Gujarat
50 friends are ours
50 police
25 journalist friends
25 Our local administrator

Appointments of Second State Executive

→Total 200
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