Std-1 Gujarati Learning Outcomes Learning Teaching Process G101. Study point rhymes, lyrics pictures, diagrams G102 rhymes and sings songs. Understands by listening intently. Verbally describes the picture. Discusses places visited. G103 G104 Storytelling G105 Storytelling, Voice-Introduction G106 Reproductive G107 Recognizes animals - birds and their sounds. Understands simple oral and written instruction. Provides corresponding oral and written answers to details. Reads alphabets and syllables.

STD 1 To  8 Adhyayan Nishapati Download 2021-22.

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Writes alphabets and syllables. Alphabet Recognition Alphabet G108 G109 Spelling G110 Va Kayavoy Spellings, Singing Songs, Audio - Listening, Performing, Performing With Audio Tools. Teach different diagrams, pictures, dots and more rehearsals Get it done. Give different pictures to the students to prove the color. Have students play simple games in the classroom and on the field. (E.g. Dhamal Dhoko, Crow Flies.) Conducting meditation activities in the school readiness activity. Show students the picture. Ask a question and call out five to seven sentences. Students will make toys out of clay. Doing activities like boat, ferry, plane.

Adhyayan Nishapati Download 2021-22.

Inform about trips and things to keep in mind. Introduce storytelling according to age. Identify and get the sound of animals and birds through the audible instruments. Give simple instructions and get them implemented. પ્રશ્નો Asking questions about family, friends and getting answers tailored to the unit. Introduce alphabets according to the group of alphabets. Introduce various uses and activities for the practice of identification Turn the wires on the border of sand, letter and truncated letter

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Standard-1 Mathematics Teaching Process M101 M102 M103 A M104 M105 M106. Study Conclusions Study points work with numbers from 1 to 20. Classifies objects based on their physical properties, such as shape, size, and other visible features such as tilt and slide. The names of the numbers are spoken orally, and up to 20 items that place, | Number knowledge can be considered in pictorial and symbolic form. Can count items using numbers 1 to 3. Subtract the sum of numbers up to 50 and compare the numbers up to 70. Use the addition and subtraction of numbers from 1 to 20 in everyday life. Far thinner


the Learning-Teaching Process M113 Study Conclusions Study is a measurement of non-standardized units by observing the pattern and number of point shapes. And make yourself. For example arranging shapes, objects, numbers, etc. For example, 1) (2) 1,2,8,2,2, ... (2) 1,2,8, ... (2) 2,2,3, ... (2) 1, 2,2,1,2, ...., 1, ..., 3, .... Collects general instructions regarding simple drawing using figures and numbers. , Writes. And shows its meaning. (For example, looking at a picture of a garden with flowers of different colors, and guessing which color is more.) Develops the concept of zero. Subtract the M114 number and count the remaining items a second time. Adding numbers (the answer to which does not exceed 50) by grouping or counting or using facts. Use the various tricks to leave things through pictures. Count numbers greater than ten in the form of sets and units of ten. For example, 38 has three sets of ten and eight units. 

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