Counting of votes for Gujarat Gram Panchayat elections 2021, which are seen as a litmus test for political parties ahead of the next year's Assembly elections in the state, will begin shortly. According to the state election commission, more than 77 per cent voter turnout was recorded during polling across Gujarat on Sunday.

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Elections were held for 8,686 gram panchayats and 48,573 wards using 37,000 ballot boxes across more than 23,000 booths. A total of 27,200 candidates were in the fray for the posts of sarpanch, and 1,19,998 to become panchayat members.

Sarpanch and Vord Wise Result 

It should be noted that a gram panchayat election is contested by a candidate in his personal capacity and not on party symbols, however, the candidates remain affiliated to one party or another. In gram panchayat polls, each person is required to cast two votes, one to elect the sarpanch and another for electing panchayat member for his ward.

District Election Officer for the Panchayat to conduct Panchayat elections, State Election Commission to conduct the election in the district in which the Panchayat is located, the District Collector remains as the District Election Officer. This District Election Officer-v-Collector handles the entire work for the election of Panchayats under the supervision, guidance and control of the State Election Commission.

Sarpanch Election Result 2021

The State Election Commission appoints as many Returning Officers (ROs) and Assistant Returning Officers (AROs) as it deems necessary, subject to the provisions made for the election of Panchayats. These appointed Electoral Officers and Assistant Electoral Officers handle the election related activities under the general guidance and supervision of the District Electoral Officer-Collector.

. The State Election Commission, subject to the election intentions of the Panchayats (Rule 3 of the Gujarat Panchayat Election Rules-12), publishes the notices / notices of the declarations accordingly. The notice states the last date for filing of nomination papers, date for verification of candidatures, date of withdrawal of candidature, date of election / voting etc. The provisions of the main points are as follows for information.



. The last date for filing of subscriptions will be the fifth day after the date of publication of the declaration.

. The date for verification of subscriptions will be the day after the last date for filing subscriptions.

. The date of withdrawal of subscriptions will be the day after the date for verification of subscriptions.

. The date of polling / election should not be earlier than 10 (ten) days from the date of withdrawal of candidature.

Generally, the counting officer, the Returning Officer will decide the place, date and time of counting at least one week before the date of polling.

For Gram Panchayat, Ward Demarcation, Seat Allocation Rights have been submitted by the Commission to the District Election Officer-Collector. District Election Officer-v-Collector conducts all necessary management of Gram Panchayat elections. The election-oriented program is issued by the State Election Commission from time to time.

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Besides, 473 sarpanchs have been elected in a "partially uncontested" process (where only one candidate for the post of sarpanch was left after withdrawal of nominations while polls for other seats were being held), it said.

In the gram panchayat polls, each voter is required to cast two votes, one to elect sarpanch and another for electing a panchayat member for his ward.

Polling is being held across 23,112 booths using ballot boxes instead of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) due to a very high number of wards, the state election body said.

As many as 37,451 ballot boxes are being used for the election, it said.

A total over 1.81 crore voters will exercise their franchise, including 93.6 lakh men and 88.3 lakh women, it said.

The Election Commission has made security arrangements at around 10,000 polling booths that have been declared as sensitive and extremely sensitive.

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