Hello friends, today we will find out in this post that we can do something new in our own lives. In this post, a PDF file has been inserted in which something different in life is different from everything else and this post will teach us something about it.

School Time Change Related Paripatra Kutch

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Post Date :-30/12/2021

This post is meant to help you understand life skills devices in which a list is made for children of standard I and II i.e. age 3 and 4 years to develop their brainpower and how to excel in their life. Determines whether body parts like eyes, ears, nose, etc. keep themselves clean, whether their hair is tidy, whether they bathe daily, whether they play sports, whether they clean their feet before taking a spoon. In addition to this, a list of different types of information is provided for first and second-grade children and the child who knows as much as you do at that time and you will do it once and pay more attention to the old skills and as a parent. We have to vote for our child more for Education.

Diwali Vacation Life Skills 2020 Idea

Let's talk a little bit more about life skills, whether the child arrives at school on time and stays with the children, behaves as if they are asking for something else, spitting or watering the plants. Whether or not he gives bread to the cow, whether he recognizes its organs, whether I know it, whether he recognizes animals, whether he has got information about animals, birds, creatures, etc., whether the information is complete today or inside. By giving information we can make the checklist sleepy and shape the children


STD 1 To 8 Best Teaching In Vacation 2020.

For students of Std. 1 to 8, this post is made for life skills in which children can learn everything from picture to picture. The PDF file has been made at the bottom and the main purpose of doing PF by clicking on it is that the children are at home. We have made this PDF to increase one's knowledge while sitting and to develop the brainpower of every child.

Diwali Vacation Extra Teaching..

When school and college are closed due to coronavirus mama, vacation has been announced inside Gujarati primary school which is vacation date 28,10,2020 To 18, 11, 2019 for a total of 21 days. Diwali vacation is inside Gujarat primary school. And put in a part of a PDF file to develop their own brainpower

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