One step further under the heading are thought provoking questions for the subject of language, mathematics, science and social sciences.  This process will be more useful if there is a discussion as to why this answer has come without the students directly answering these questions. 


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It is hoped that through such a process students will be able to solve a variety of such questions in the future.  Along with this we present the solutions to the questions asked in week 1.As per "Ek kadam aage" questions related to almost all the topics will be presented to you every week. Solutions to the questions given each week will be presented to you the following week, including questions. 

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These questions will correspond to the level of students in Std. 6 to 10, but it may also be that the level of questions in a given week may not correspond to the level below. So teacher friends are requested to study the questions sent every week and discuss these questions with the applicable subject teachers. 

The questions asked under "Ek kadam aage"  may not be related to the textbook. But these questions will need to be related to various concepts taught in Std. 6 to 10 as well as the study findings of that subject.GCERT Gandhinagar It is very useful for the educational and social development of the children. 


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It is great that gcert has recently launched a question bank one step ahead for the development of children's educational, social, mathematical, scientific and curious activities by using their intellectual capacity and doing great fun activities from the educational materials obtained by  It will also be very useful in this home learning as the answers to all the questions in this question bank have to be written using one's intellect and thinking as much as possible so that the child's thinking power will also develop and he will know the answer on his own.  They will develop the ability to do something new and their ability to do calculations

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