You must be familiar with the order of language education. In human beings, language skills are developed in the order of listening-narration (action), reading-writing. The child who is starting the step of mother tongue reading in standard 1 has five years of pre-school listening-speech and language experience with action. As Standard 3 is the first year of English language-study, we will pay special attention to the following during our teaching.

Standard 3 English Teacher Edition (Stanadard 3 Teacher Navigators )

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To give this teacher Edition to the teachers of standard 3 on the basis of which English is to be taught from the second semester of standard 3.We will provide children with maximum practice of listening to English expressions.

If you feel that the student is ready to narrate some of the expressions due to listening practice, then emphasize the English output which is not in the form of narration.

* Give maximum input through pictures, rhymes, story and activities. Giving more and more hearing. Passive listeners to students
It is advisable to use this soft copy if the book is already available in schools.

Important link

Download 2nd Sem Standard 3 Teacher Edition : Click Here

Download Standard 4 ,1st and 2nd Sem Teacher Edition : Click Here

This activity is in a way similar to Joanna's activity - Listen, Donnd Learn, with the purpose of testing how much English the students have learned along with the decran, i.e. this activity is for evaluation. Through this activity you can check for any shortcomings in the learning process and try to improve. This activity is for evaluation but keep the form infirml. Don't let an atmosphere arise where students are testing English. These activities will be useful in evaluating what you do during the year.

Also keep in mind the following when composing all the above activities

હેતુ The purpose for the activity is taken in the notification of the activity. Hence the 'why' before doing the activity
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