Today's man believes less in hard work and more in Muqaddar.  Today's man wants to succeed but does not want to lose anything for him.  He is forgetting that successes are mixed with hard work, not luck.  Remember, luck is made only when a man works hard.On seeing someone's magnificent kothi, many people say that they wish their luck would have been like this, but they forget that this lucky kothi, the magnificent car was not only given to them by luck but it was hard work behind it. 

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As you continue to try to behave in such a way, your body will disappear and the spirit will awaken.  Being a brahminical instinct, Dham Dhami and liberated truth, divine, nirgun will be understood.After that, their service will start to be a divine life, so serve with body, mind and wealth by being friendly towards everyone;  Continue to apologize to the relative of the body.



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"Saksham 'National Competition 2021 Essay, Painting & Quiz CASH PRIZES Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. Of India, is committed to making oil conservation a National Movement.
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