The Union Cabinet Approved an Attractive Recruitment Schemes for Indian Youth to serve the Army Forces. The Schemes is Called AGNIPATH | AGNEEPATH and the youth selected Under this Scheme will be known as Agniveer. AGNIPATH allows patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a Period of Four Years.

AGNIPATH Scheme 2022 Eligibility | Salary | Age

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The AGNIPATH Scheme 2022 has been designed to enable a youthful profile of the Armed Forces. IT will provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to don the uniform by attracting young talent from the society who are more in tune with contemporary technological trends and plough back skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower into the society.

Indian Army AGNIPATH Yojana 2022

AGNIPATH Scheme 2022 : As for the Armed Forces, it will enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces and provide a fresh lease of “JOSH” and “JAZBA” whilst at the same time bring about a transformation shift towards a more tech savvy Armed Forces – Which is indeed the need of the hour.

It is envisaged that average age profile of Indian Armed forces would come down by about 4-5 years by implementation of this scheme. The nation stands to immensely benefit by infusion of highly inspired youth with deeper understanding of self-discipline, diligence and focus who would be adequately skilled and will be able to contribute in other sectors.

The dividends of a short military service to the nation, society and the youth of the nation are immense. This includes inculcation of patriotism, team work, enhancement of physical fitness, ingrained loyalty for the country and availability of trained personnel to boost national security in times of external threats, internal threats and natural disasters.

AGNIPATH Salary | Agniveer Salary Structure

AGNIPATH Scheme 2022 : Agniveers will be given attractive customised monthly package along with risk and hardship allowances as applicable in the three services. On Completion of the Engagement Period of four years, Agniveers will be paid one time “SevaNidhi” Package which shall comprise their contribution including accumulated amount of their contribution including interest as including below.
Contribution to
Agniveer Corpus
Fund (30%)
Contribution to
Corpus fund
by GoI
1st Year300002100090009000
2nd Year330002310099009900
3rd Year36500255801095010950
4th Year40000280001200012000
Total Contribution
in Agniveer Corpus
Fund after Four Years
Rs. 5.02 LakhRs. 5.02 Lakh

Note :

All figures in Rs. (Monthly Contribution)
Exit After 4 Years : Rs. 11.71 Lakh as SevaNidhi Package (Including, Interest accumulated on the above amount as per the applicable interest rates would also be paid)

The “SevaNidhi” will be exempt from income tax. There shall be no entitlement to gratuity and pensionary benefits. Agniveers will be provided non-contributory Life Insurance Cover of Rs. 48 Lakh for the duration of their engagement period in the Indian Armed Forces.

During this period of service to the nation, the Agniveers will be imparted with various military skills and experience, discipline, physical fitness, leadership qualities, courage and patriotism. Post this stint of four years, the Agniveers will be infused into the civil society where they can contribute immensely towards the nation building process. The skills gained by each Agniveer will be recognised in a certificate to form part of his unique resume.

Indian Army AGNIPATH Scheme 2022

Agniveers, on completion of the four-year tenure in the prime of their youth, will be mature and self-disciplined with the realisation to become better version of himself/herself both professionally as also personally. The avenues and opportunities that will open up for their progress in the civil world after Agniveer tenure would certainly be a big plus towards nation building. Moreover, the ‘Seva Nidhi’ of approximately Rs 11.71 lakh would aid the Agniveer to pursue his/her future dreams without the financial pressure, which is normally the case for young people from the financially deprived strata of society.

The individuals, selected for enrolment in the Armed Forces as regular cadre, would be required to serve for a further engagement period of minimum 15 years and would be governed by the existing terms and conditions of service of Junior Commissioned Officers/Other Ranks in Indian Army and their equivalent in Indian Navy and Indian Air Force and that of Non Combatant enrolled in the Indian Air Force, as amended from time-to-time.

The scheme will lead to much more youthful and technically adept war fighting force by ensuring a fine balance between youthful and experienced personnel in the Armed Forces.

Agniveer Age Limit | Age Limit for AGNIPATH Scheme 2022

The entry age for all new recruits in the Armed Forces has been fixed as 17 ½ – 21 years of age.
The Upper Age Limit for the recruitment process for Agnipath scheme 2022 is increased to 23 years

Advantage of AGNIPATH Scheme 2022
A transformative reform of recruitment policy of the Armed Forces.

A unique opportunity to the youth to serve the country and contribute to Nation Building.
Armed Forces profile to be youthful and dynamic.

Attractive financial package for the Agniveers.
Opportunity for Agniveers to train in the best institutions and enhance their skills & qualifications.

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Availability of well-disciplined and skilled youth with military ethos in civil society.
Adequate re-employment opportunities for those returning to society and who could emerge as role models for the youth.

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