The most important very useful monthly educational plan for the children of Std. 6 is presented here. All the children who have come to Std. 6 after studying Std. The children must have seen the video of the bridge course running in the month of June. 

STD 1 To 5 Day To Day Aayojan 2022-23.

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At present, the video of Lund is being broadcast in standard six. It is known which unit to prepare. All the information is given in the circular. However, if the plan for the whole year is found, it is easier for the standard children to prepare. All its different when children get admission in standard sixTeachers are changing and with changing teachers their method is also changing. Teaching children and adaptation games with teachers is very common. Some children can easily get education with teachers after a long time. Since the planning reaches all the children throughout the year, it will be easier for the children to understand and know 

Masvar Aayojan 

Our agreement with you was completed on July 19, 2016.  As such the new contractor has taken over his workload, and we requested that you send a bonus payment to the new contractor.  We would once again request that you ask a new contractor who has handled operations on your premises to terminate the bonus payment.

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If you need educational planning for all the children in Std. 6, you can send it. Each class teacher can create his own Std. 6 Std. They need a lot of educational planning when they are doing it. The biggest and most important part of the planning of the curriculum is the educational planning. Therefore, only the education of standard six has been placed here. Make an effort to get education to the class 

the interest of the teacher who stayed with us in the massacre camp of Surendranagar district, the camp was completed satisfactorily by the instruction of the director.

    In the coming days, Taluka Internal Transfer Camp as well as District Fair Transfer Camp have been introduced for 100% completion.

   It has been proposed that the higher salary scale of 9,20.31 should be taken in the number of 50 which is currently being taken in the number of 30 per month at Gandhinagar.

  H.tat Acharya's r r quickly decided to issue a circular

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