The Gujarat government has announced assistance to the farmers for the damage caused by heavy rains during monsoon. This assistance is to be given to the farmers of four districts Junagadh, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Porbandar. In those four districts also, the government has decided the list of which villages are considered affected. The list of villages of all four districts is presented here. By seeing, it will be known whether your village is getting assistance or not.

Know Relief Package Declared 2022 ||

Post Name :- Relief Package Declared 

Category :- Agriculture


Post Date :- 30/10/2022

Affected farmers desirous of availing relief package should 8-A, copy of palm plantation, 7-12, Aadhaar number, copy of passbook with bank account details, mobile number and in case of joint tenants, the signature of other tenants stating that benefit is given to one tenant. Objection has to be submitted along with consent form etc. to the TDO (Taluka Development Officer) in the prescribed format.

• Assistance will be available only once per Aadhaar number. If there is no Aadhaar number, the necessary documents as per the prescribed provision in the Aadhaar Act (Act) have to be submitted for assistance.

Based on the application received from the applicant and the supporting documents, their eligibility will be checked and prior approval will be given from the district office within the target limit
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