Online training for Khelo India National Fitness Program for "Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children" viola all 24.  The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India is implementing the Central Sector Scheme with a view to achieving the main objective of sports participation and excellence in sports.  That is, "Khelo India" is a national program for the development of sports.  The Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) has been developed by the Sports Authority of India to assess the physical health of school-going children across the country.  

Online Test "Khelo India Fitness Assessment Test"  2020

Std-1 to 3 (5 to 8 years) Std-4 to 12 (9 to 18 years) 

1, BMI  (Anatomy) 1, BMI (anatomy) 
2. Flamingo test (stable balance) 2. 50 m.  Standing Start (Speed) 
3. Plate Tapping Test (Co-ordination Test) 3.600 m.  Running (Cardio - Vascular Endurance) 
4. Seat and Reach (Flexibility)
 5, Partial Call Up 30 Seconds (Core Strength) 
6. Push Ups (Boys) Modified Push Ups for Girls (Muscular Endurance)

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The Sports Authority of India (SAI), in association with Education Boards CISCE and CBSE, will host an online program for the training of Physical Education (PE) Teachers from CISCE Schools on "Khelo India Fitness Assessment of School Going Children".

Starting Friday, the program targets 7,500 participants across 2615 CISCE schools in two zones. This large-scale training is being organized to assess the fitness levels of the school children and to identify potential future champions from a vast pool of grassroots talent.

👉contact the Sports Authority of India on the following number for information and problems under the above program.  

By 1. Aadhar More (Regional Manager, Khelo India) - 8154092339 E-mail-

 2. Roshan Tiwari (Executive Ashi., Khelo India) -9899683557  Enclosure - Planning details of Online Training of Trainer Program (TOT)

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