The Government of Gujarat has started Home Learning Program in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools of Gujarat. Home learning videos are sent daily by the Department of Education. Videos are also posted daily through the DIKSHA application. Videos are also uploaded daily on YOU TUBE. Home learning videos are also sent via PDF file. Home learning videos are also put on Doordarshan DD Girnar on a daily basis.

[School Class] Free Top Education Online Class 2020 Via E Class.

  • Post Name: Home Learning Video
  • Source: YouTube
  • Class: 1 to 12
  • Official Website:
  • Watch On: Mobile and Computer
  • Date: Daily Updated
Great fun videos are made by expert teachers from the state of Gujarat. Making different videos on each topic is posted daily. Apart from this, teachers also teach in virtual classes through microsoft teams.
Here are today's standard 1 to 12 home learning videos. Home learning videos can be viewed by clicking on the link provided next to each standard. This link is updated daily. Take advantage of this and send it to your friends too.

Home learning videos are proving to be very useful for every child. This is the basis on which the unit test is conducted every month. Each child studies by watching this video at their own convenience. You can watch this video and send it to your friends.
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