There is good news for retired government employees. The government has decided to provide all types of pension benefits on retirement in a timely manner without delay. The Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare under the Ministry of Employees and Public Grievances has written a letter to all ministries to ensure pension benefits on the day of retirement. Government sources have given this information.

[Latest News] Pension benefits on the day of retirement 2021

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Indeed, the department found that despite payment deadlines and future software (online pension acceptance and payment tracking system) simplifying and streamlining processes through rules and guidelines, pension payment orders (PPOs) and retirement benefits were delayed. There have been many cases of being. The department has received a large number of complaints related to non-payment of retirement dues even after several retired women. Delays in paying the remaining amount of retirement also lead to cases. In most cases the court ordered payment including interest during the period of delay and also commented on the department officials.

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Instruction for regular monitoring

The government has directed all top officials of the department to personally oversee the pension case so as not to delay the payment of retirement benefits. It was also agreed that an effective monitoring system would be set up in each office / department to review pension matters. The information available from 'Future Software' will be used. Farewell programs are often held in offices to mark the retirement of employees. This is the most appropriate time, which can be used to review the progress of pension matters and the importance of timely payment of retirement dues to the concerned employees. At each farewell ceremony, the head of the organization can review the progress of the pension matters of all the employees of that department, who are due to retire in the next six months.

The department will have to be informed

If a department finds a case for delay in the pension process, it will have to provide more information. According to government sources, each department has been directed by the Secretary of the Administrative Ministry / Department to file a P.P.O. even though the case has been pending for more than two months. You may be asked to provide a semi-annual statement that has not been issued. He will also ask why the issuance of PPO was delayed. Action will also be taken if the department is found guilty. The government’s preparation is to ensure that all retirement benefits are paid to the employee on the day of retirement.

Deadline in the pension rule

Pension Rules 1972 sets a time limit for timely payment of pension and gratuity to a government employee. As per the deadline, the process of service verification and other preparations has to start one year in advance. At the same time, the government employee will have to submit the form six months before retirement, while the head of the office will have to send the pension case to the PAO four months in advance. At the same time, the PAO should issue a PPO and send it to the CPAO one month before retirement. The CPAO needs to send it to the Special Seal Authority within the next 21 days. A copy of the PPAO and a copy of other benefits should be handed over to the retiring employee at the time of retirement.

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