Given the current state of the Corona epidemic, the government's decision to reopen the school is currently being postponed.  The Government has withdrawn its decision by Shri.  In such a situation the importance of marriage increases a lot when schools no longer have to open considering the current situation of Corona.  Given the current situation in Corona

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the importance of home learning is proving to be very important for every student at a time when primary schools, high schools and secondary and higher secondary schools as well as colleges are closed.  Considering the current situation of Corona, 

Students from Std. 1 to Std. 12 are being imparted online education through DD Girnar and through Diksha Portal.  It is planned by the government that all students can take education at home.In view of the present situation, the government has made arrangements for all the students to get education at home.  This system is known as home learning by the government.

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All the teachers of the school have also been provided with the user ID and password of Microsoft application in the same way prepared by the government.  Teachers and students can also learn from home by logging in using the user ID and password provided in the Microsoft team.  School teachers have to prepare Microsoft's timetable.

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Arrangements have also been made by the government for the evaluation of what students are learning through home learning through online learning. Home learning has been arranged by the government for students who are currently unable to attend school due to the Corona epidemic. Arrangements are made by the government in advance for the students to watch the educational programs on DD Girnar. Students can take education at home based on DD Girnar schedule. It is also provided by the government to all students to learn at home
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