WhatsApp's new policy has become a problem for the company. Users on social media are trolling WhatsApp for it. The company has now clarified that the new update will not change the data sharing with Facebook. Chat and call details will be as secure as ever. End-to-end encryption will also remain the same. WhatsApp has over 200 million users worldwide.

[Latest News] Whatsapp Privacy News Updates 2021.

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Changed policy for business chat The company said in October last year that WhatsApp wants to make shopping easier for people. 

People will be able to make direct purchases using the app. Most people use it to chat with family and friends. It will also boost his business.

Whatsapp Privacy Issue 2021

WhatsApp head Will Cathart said on social media that the company has updated to bring transparency to its policy and provide information on optional features of People to Business. It needs to be made clear that the update was made to provide business related information. This will not affect our policy of sharing data with Facebook

Whatsapp News 2021

WhatsApp has made it clear in its new policy that users must share their privacy with the company. This means that WhatsApp will now be able to monitor and access all your data. It will not protect your privacy. The number of WhatsApp users in India is over 400 million. This means that after signing the policy, the company will be able to access all the data like your expenses, IP address, location, status content, calls.

What is WhatsApp's new policy?

The new policy states that the company may use, reproduce, distribute and display the content you upload, submit, store, send and receive from WhatsApp anywhere to operate our services. This policy is going to be implemented from February 8, 2021. After this date new conditions will be required if the user rejects it then his account will be deleted. For that you can visit the help center. Currently, the policy offers the option of agri and not now.
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