I have often heard people say, keep your children away from social media but most parents have the same tone that children do not believe.  Then there are 2 apps that children can learn while playing, which are very useful for children.  So what are these apps if you want to get detailed information about it ...

DuoLingo App. To learn English Maths kids app. To learn math

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It is not possible to uplift the nation without self-aggrandizement.  Republic gives us self uplift and paves the way for nation uplift.  Each of our actions should be in the interest of self as well as in the national interest.  Each of our actions should help to bind the nation in the thread of unity.

What are we giving to the nation more important than what the nation gave us ..?  This topic should be pondered.  It is also the absolute duty of every citizen of the nation to never stigmatize the pride, dignity and prestige of his nation by any of his deeds.

Saluting the brave soldiers who are constantly engaged in the service of Maa Bharati, repeatedly salute those brave sons who sacrificed their lives in defense of Maa Bharati, who always kept the glory of this Mother Bharati high and immortal forever.

Come, make this republic successful by giving your personal interests in the interest of the nation.

Many congratulations and best wishes to all the people of the 72nd Republic Day!

Transformation is the law of the world.  A person who does not accept this rule or whose state of mind is not a supporter of this rule, certainly a crop of happiness and peace does not grow in the life of that man.  The seed that does not want to erase its existence, does not want to enter the womb of the earth, the possibility of that tree becoming a tree is destroyed.


Tie yourself in a special situation, becoming a slave of the situation will never let you be happy.

Therefore, the conditions do not remain the same, day after night, spring after autumn and winter after summer automatically come, similarly happiness comes automatically after suffering in life. Not only do we always get happiness here, but sorrows and worries are not always there in life.
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