Banaskantha district is named after the river "Banas" which flows from Dhebar Lake on the Udaipur mountain in Rajasthan. Palanpur is the district headquarters. The old name of Palanpur was Prahladanpur or it got its name from King Prahlaldev. From the 14th century until independence, Palanpur was ruled by the Muslim rulers of Zalor. The last king of this place

Learn the big update on 18 month DA arrears

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Banaskantha district is considered as a backward area.  Agriculture is water dependent and there is no industrial establishment in the district.  Shri LP Dave was the first District Judge of Banaskantha District and his tenure was from 29-09-1948 to 31-05-1950.

Tomorrow was the polling day of Taluka Panchayat District Panchayat General Election 2031. I was working with one or two of my Deputy Mamlatdar friends at our Receipt Dispatching Center Amarsinhji High School in Wankaner.  There is an order in Patawala in the election but his health has been bad since last night. And my father used to say that work in the election is compulsory. So I have come to perform the duty of Patawala on behalf of my father. Make me an identity card.

This is what the girl did. Then one of our Deputy Mamlatdar friends asked the girl that Ben you are educated. Then the girl said that sir I am in the last year of CA (Chartered Accountant) ...
We were stunned for a few moments..then the girl took her identity card to perform the election duty as a pawnbroker on behalf of her father and went to the polling station where her father was on duty as a pawnbroker ..

News of relief for central employees is being received. Employees are happy with the increase in inflation allowance, but on one front they are disappointed. Employees' expectations of 18-month arrears have not yet been met. But hopefully this issue can be discussed this month. Let us know how much money will come in the employees' account after getting approval on 18 months DA arrears.

The good news for central employees
is that under the 7th Pay Commission, the central government has given huge benefits to central employees in addition to 31 per cent DA. But the case of DA arrears has been pending for 18 months. According to Shiv Gopal Mishra, secretary (staff side) of the National Council of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM), the council has demanded a one-time settlement of DA arrears pending for 18 months along with DA.

The arrears were discussed between the National Council of JCM, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the Finance Minister. However, no concrete answer was received. Employees are still adamant on demand and talks are underway with the government. However, it is hoped that this will be discussed with the Cabinet Secretary soon. The country has a total of 48 lakh central employees and about 60 lakh pensioners, according to the annual report of the Department of Expenditure.

According to Shiv Gopal Mishra of National Council of JCM, DA arrears of Level-1 employees will be more than Rs 2 lakh . 11,880 to Rs. Up to 37,554. Whereas, for Level-13 (7th CPC Basic Pay Scale Rs. 1,23,100 to Rs. 2,15,900) or for Level-14 (Pay Scale) the arrears of DA in the hands of the employee are Rs. 1,44,200. 2,18,200 will be paid.

However, the costly allowance of Level 1 employees is Rs. 11,880 to Rs. Made between 37,554. Whereas, the basic salary of Level 13 employees is Rs. 1,23,100 to Rs. Made between 2,15,900. Whereas, Rs. 1,44,200 to Rs.

How many DA arrears will there be?
- Central employees whose minimum grade salary is Rs. 1800 (level-1 basic pay scale from 18000 to 56900) waiting for Rs 4320 [4% of {18000} X 6].
- While [4% of {56900} X6] waiting for Rs 13,656.
- Under the 7th Pay Commission, Central employees will be given a minimum grade pay of Rs. 3,240 [3% of {18,000} x6] DA arrears.
- When, [{Rs. People with 3% 56 x6] of 56,9003 Rs. 10,242 will be found.
- If we calculate the DA arrears between January and July 2021, it will be 4,320 [4% x6 of {18,000].
- while, [4% of ₹ 56,900} x6] will be Rs.13,656.

PM Modi to decide arrears
It is worth mentioning that the matter of 18 months arrears has reached Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now PM Modi will decide on arrears. With this, the central employees' hopes for arrears have been revived once again. If PM Modi gives the green signal to 18-month arrears, let me tell you that about 10 million central employees and pensioners will get a huge amount in their accounts. At present, the dearness allowance of central employees has gone up to 31 per cent. 48 lakh central government employees and more than 65 lakh pensioners are benefiting from this.

Tears came out of my eyes for a while and I was also proud of the father who has this daughter ..... Salutations to such daughters ....

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